Visiting The International School of Belgrade

Last Wednesday I visited the International School of Belgrade and I was very thrilled by it.

The reason that we went there was for us to see how they work and it was amazing! I was on Humanities and they were reviewing for the exam. I was surprised by the silence in the classroom. Nobody was talking! You could even hear the fly buzzing in the room. I also noticed that the teacher calls his students by Mr and Mrs and I think that's cool. Furthermore, the teacher was making History fun. They were literally playing a game of Reformation! Another thing that I liked was that all the students were participating, talking and discussing the material with the teacher. I just loved the way the teacher approached the students and I could feel that they really learned that and they're not going to forget it soon.

After Humanities we went to Drama class and that was really fun. We played a lot of games for concentration and the pupils there were very good at them, but we weren't so bad for the first time.

I like the school in general, everything is clean, the desks are not drawn on, neither are the chairs or walls. The classes have less students than at our school and that allows them to work better.

All in all I think that the ISB should be a good example for us and we should try our best to be like them and to make our school like theirs.

Ana Cukic, 7-1